“Botox” Parties ~ Top Reasons Why They’re a Bad Idea

It sounds like fun!

Spending an evening with the gang, sipping wine, and munching on hors d’oeuvres while waiting for your turn to get your neurotoxin injections or dermal fillers, all in the warm camaraderie and comfort of your friend’s home. And you can even get a group discount on pricing! So, what’s wrong with this picture?

So Much.

Botox and Dysport are medical injectable procedures that should be performed in a sterile setting.

When performed in the proper clinical environment, the injections are quite safe. But, like all medical procedures, there can be side effects for both that require access to the staff, experience, equipment, and other resources ready to address any complications.

Having these procedures in someone’s home or social setting adds another dimension of risk factors:

  • The injector’s licensing, experience, and integrity ~ Proven and experienced injectors will have an office and treatment space of their own and be less inclined to hold social-based treatment sessions in an unprofessional environment. In addition, a medical professional will base your treatment plan on a thorough consultation that explores your needs, goals, and desired outcomes in a private setting, rather than on a pushy sales pitch at a party.
  • Optimal conditions of the setting ~ “Botox” parties often happen in someone’s home or other social or salon venues.  These spaces are never as sterile as a treatment room in a controlled medical environment with appropriate lighting and body positioning furniture to optimize procedures. The presence of pets and the distractions that come with an active family household further taint this situation.
  • Access to emergency medical equipment ~ A non-clinical setting will lack the additional staffing and equipment necessary to address complications. While complications are rare, your injector must have observation skills, sterile technique, and immediate access to the emergency resources required if something does go wrong. At RX Aesthetics, we have blood pressure cuffs, an emergency kit, Hylenex to dissolve filler, a vessel finder if we are concerned about an occlusion, and even a defibrillator!
  • Quality of the toxin ~ Low prices and deep discounts on treatment are often made possible by inferior quality products. These counterfeit injectables can cause poor outcomes and may potentially cause severe complications. Quality product manufacturers only ship to approved medical offices. A medical provider is the best source of products that are proven to be reputable, safe, and FDA-approved.
  • Liability issues ~ At home-based injection parties, it is crucial to ensure that any provider you see has aesthetic medical malpractice insurance to protect you and themselves. Also, the homeowner of a home-based party may open themselves up to host liability for any wrongful circumstances that arise from their event. Lastly, different states have different requirements and restrictions for home-based services. Be sure to check your location to determine if the event is legal.
  • Under the influence factors ~ Legal documents such as a consent form you will be asked to sign at the event should never be reviewed and executed while consuming alcoholic beverages. Also, alcohol consumption can increase the likelihood of bruising. At RXAesthetics, we recommend that patients refrain from alcohol for at least 24 hours before procedures.

The Bottom Line? We highly recommend that a qualified healthcare provider performs all medical spa injection treatments in a medical setting.

The dangers and risks of a home-based treatment party are far too great to ensure your well-being and that of your host and provider. And, when it comes to your face, don’t compromise on safety for a lower price.

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