Restoring Intimate Confidence ~ Geneveve Vaginal Rejuvenation

Our bodies change. It is inevitable.

This fact is especially evident in women who have experienced the joys of pregnancy and childbirth or the transitions brought about by menopause. And guess what? Both can have profound and unsatisfying effects on the vagina.

For some, this is a sensitive subject.

But, speaking plainly, vaginal childbirth can stretch the vaginal canal to a great extent to accommodate a larger baby.

The body is resilient and can come back to size to a certain extent. Yet some genetic predispositions or multiple vaginal deliveries can broaden the vaginal canal permanently to a point where it no longer feels tight and firm.

And then there is menopause, where dropping levels of estrogen and collagen cause the inner walls of the vagina to thin and become lax and less lubricated, succumbing to the effects of the natural aging process.

These circumstances, especially in combination, can lead to:

  • Vaginal laxity ~ the feeling of looseness in the vaginal canal
  • Urinary incontinence ~ the stress-induced loss of bladder control that causes leakage when laughing, sneezing, coughing, or exercising
  • Unsatisfying and painful intercourse ~ caused by vaginal laxity and dryness
  • Plummeting levels of confidence and self-esteem ~ due to all the above

Plastic surgery, such as labiaplasty, can help mitigate the condition but comes with the risks of undergoing the knife and the associated price tag and downtime for recovery.

RX Aesthetics Medical Spa is pleased to offer a safe and non-invasive solution to restore the tightness, hydration, and sensation of younger days ~ Geneveve Vaginal Rejuvenation by Viveve.

Vaginal tissue, like all skin, requires collagen to keep it firm and elastic. Geneveve is a revolutionary in-office procedure to tighten vaginal tissue and restore sensation to the vaginal walls and surrounding skin. It is an in-office, 30-minute process that utilizes a patented, cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF), an energy-based treatment that emits electromagnetic pulses to restimulate the body’s natural production of collagen.

During the procedure, a small treatment tip is inserted and rotated within the entry of the vagina. Heat is gently delivered into the layers of the tissue to rebuild collagen scaffolding and improve blood flow. Cool waves are simultaneously applied to the delicate surface to tighten and protect the skin.

Geneveve requires no anesthesia or downtime and is safe for nearly all women. Most see these results around 90 days after treatment, and many report that they still experience these benefits a year after undergoing the procedure: 

  • Improved vaginal laxity or tightness through the strengthening and cushioning of the walls of the vagina
  • Resolved urinary incontinence by fortifying the muscles and tissues around the opening of the bladder
  • Increased sensation, arousal, and pleasure during intimacy due to the tightening of the vaginal walls, greater friction, and ample lubrication brought about by renewed collagen production and improved blood flow
  • Heightened self-confidence and sexual self-image gained through the improved feel, appearance, and function of more youthful vaginal tissue

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Therese Geary, RN, CANS, and Julie Lambert, RN, B.S.N.



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