Sculptra ~ Building Volume Gradually

In our last two blog posts, we began exploring how injectables can combat the signs of aging and restore a fresh, more youthful appearance.

We examined Dysport, a neuromuscular toxin containing botulinum toxin type A, the same active ingredient in Botox, that relaxes the muscles beneath deep lines on the face to soften wrinkles and smooth the skin.

We then discussed Restylane, soft tissue dermal filler composed of a hyaluronic acid gel injected into the face to build instant, moldable volume, improve the contour of the face, reduce folds and wrinkles, and correct asymmetries.

Today, we would like to cover a third approach, Sculptra.

This bio stimulatory injectable is different in that it stimulates your own natural collagen production to subtly restore volume over time. It utilizes poly-L-lactic acid absorbed into the skin to rebuild the scaffolding of the tissue layers by activating your skin’s natural collagen production.

Sculptra is for the “slow and steady.” Throughout a series of treatments, three months apart, Sculptra prompts the body to reproduce its lost collagen over the long term and restore volume and fullness to cheeks, folds, and wrinkles in a natural way. Results develop gradually, look gently understated, and are long-lasting.

Its success story is told through the experiences of a lot of happy customers. A recent Sculptra Clinical Study found that:

  • 100% of patients showed aesthetic improvement for up to two years
  • 90% of patients were satisfied with their appearance at six months, with sustained satisfaction of 82% at one year and 77% at two years after the last treatment
  • 94% of patients agreed that the treatment results looked natural two years after the last treatment
  • Two years after the last treatment, 89% of patients agreed that the subtle results over time were worth it

See profound results for yourself in these before-and-after cases of actual patients receiving the Sculptra treatment.

It is an excellent choice for people who would like to avoid any appearance that they have had work done.

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