Plump It Up! ~ Restoring Volume to Your Face and Lips

There are many reasons we lose volume in our faces and lips.

We naturally lose subcutaneous fat and proteins in the skin layers as we age. Lifestyle choices of smoking and sun exposure etch lines in thinner skin. Health conditions, weight loss, and genetics can make the natural process of aging even more pronounced.

So how can you safely restore the natural volume of your younger appearance?

Dermal fillers offer safe and effective ways to reduce signs of aging and bring back youthful fullness to your face.

According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, over 1 million people get injectable dermal fillers every year.

At RX Aesthetics, one of the products we offer is the Restylane line, a family of formulas that provides a long-lasting, non-surgical option to:

  • Refresh and lift the contours of the cheeks
  • Plump up lips and enhance color and texture
  • Reduce sagging in the jowls
  • Smooth wrinkles and creases
  • Decrease undereye bags and discoloration
  • Correct contour asymmetry
  • Improve the appearance of skin volume in hands and ear lobes


Restylane is a clear gel injected into the skin to increase volume and lift.

It is made up of hyaluronic acid, an already natural occurring substance in our connective tissue, to add moldable structure and lift to sagging or shallow areas of the face. HA has become the “gold standard” of dermal fillers. It mimics and helps restore your skin’s original structure, plumping, smoothing, and adding fullness to achieve your desired results. Over time, when the effects wear off, the HA is safely and naturally broken down by the body.

There are eight products within the Restylane family, designed for specific areas of the face and targeting distinct layers within the skin to deliver fine-tuned results.

These products are highly effective at building your desired volume in the cheeks, reducing the volume loss in the nasolabial folds, those lines that start at your nose and draw down to the corners of the mouth. It can also soften the “Marionette Lines,” lines that drop from the corners of the mouth to the jawline, and build fuller, smoother lips. We have also just begun enhancing the chin and jawline as well. More to come on that in a future blog post.

One of the concerns we, as nurse injectors, often hear is, “I want to look refreshed. I don’t want to look ‘done.'” What is remarkable about Restylane products is that we have complete control over choosing the right product for the facial area and controlling the amount of product we use to achieve your desired amount of volume and correction.

Some of our clients want prominent fullness. Others would like a much more subtle enhancement. We listen carefully to your personal goals, choose the right product, and inject the exact amount of dermal filler to safely deliver specific, long-lasting, and natural results.

Client satisfaction results of procedures performed with the Restylane family of products are awe-inspiring. In clinical studies:

  • 100% of patients were satisfied with the youthful-looking refresh of their cheeks when asked 12 weeks after treatment, and 100% still agreed through 1 year
  • 100% of patients receiving Restylane Kysse lip enhancement reported aesthetic improvements
  • In subjects treated with Restylane, blind evaluators reported still seeing improvement in 95% of subjects 18 months after the initial injection

We at RX Aesthetics support these findings but share that outcomes’ longevity depends on “full correction,” which means multiple syringes are necessary to obtain optimal results.

You can read more on RX Aesthetics’ Restylane and other injectable services right here, see before and after’s, or book your complimentary consult and appointment for services.

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Therese Geary, RN, CANS and Julie Lambert, RN, B.S.N.


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